When casted the weights move to the rear of the lure giving a straight trajectory, upon retrieval the weights lock in place back towards the front of the lure. The 120 is famous for its incredible action when using the “rip and stop” technique.

Pull the lure fast through the water using the rod then retrieve the slack line and repeat it again, this will often attract a strike from even the wariest predators.

This lure, like the Sorcerer 90 STD, is widely used for salt and freshwater applications. A favorite amongst the paddle ski anglers due to it’s magic action at low speed and little drag. Many a tiger fish has been taken with the LP120DD on the troll and spinning.Its stability when trolled makes it a popular lure for both ski boat and jet ski anglers. A must in your tackle box.



  • Shad
  • Cob
  • Bonito/Skipjack
  • Tuna
  • King Mackarel
  • Queen Mackarel
  • Dorado/Wahoo
  • Yellow Tail


  • Bass
  • Tiger Fish
Colours Available In Southern Africa

T113 Pink Tiger


R3 Multi


R15 Chrome Pink


R26 Golden Green


R49 Chrome Tiger


H50 Pilchard


H52 Fluoro Green


H53 White Redhead


H62 Chrome Redhead


H64 Dark Horse


H65 Blood Nut


H68 Flamin’ Hot


H71 Yellowfin


H78 Red Neck


H79 Stripey




1039 Purple Pilchard


1148 Pink Pilchard


1181 Chartreuse Pilcahrd


1202 Pearl Pilchard