MAX 130

When casting Max into deeper water, vary the time you allow the lure to sink before starting the retrieve so the lure covers the different depths where fish could be holding. Work the lure back at speed for best results.

Max is also a great lure to troll while traveling from spot to spot due to its high speed characteristics.

Can be used for; jigging, high speed trolling as well as spinning!

Colours Available In Southern Africa

T113 Pink Tiger


R15 Chrome Pink


R26 Golden Green


H50 Pilchard


H52 Fluoro Green


H53 White Redhead


H64 Dark horse


H65 Blood Nut


H68 Flamin’ Hot


H71 Yellowfin


H78 Red Neck


H79 Stripey




1039 Purple Pilchard


1181 Chartreuse Pilchard


1202 Pearl Pilchard


R49 Chrome Tiger