New Products

Laser Pro 140DD

Available may 2017

The New Laser Pro 140DD is stable up to 12 knots. Its low resistance bib makes it ideal for paddleski anglers and is well suited to Jet ski and skiboat angling too.

It comes in​ the trusted ‘solid’ colours​ that fish can’t resist.
The 140DD dives to 2.5m.


The Halco Madeyes 5″ Flick Stick soft plastic lure can withstand repeated strikes because of it’s construction with the latest in Rubber Stretch Technology (RST). It is designed to replicate a darting baitfish, and the colour range is scientifically selected to target both fresh and salt water game fish. This 5″ model in the Halco Madeyes soft plastic range features a lifelike eye, and is highly effective on a range of estuary and offshore species such as snapper, kingfish, jacks, fingermark and sweetlips.

5″ Flick Stick soft plastic by Halco Madeyes comes with 5 baits per pack. Constructed with Rubber Stretch Technology (RST), it can withstand repeated strikes and is enhanced with natural squid scent.

This Flick Stick soft plastic bait is an ideal choice for species such as snapper and kingfish.


Madeyes Octoskirt

Engineered in Western Australia using specialised Rubber Stretch Technology (RST), the Halco Madeyes Octoskirt can withstand repeated strikes. This soft plastic perfectly replicates the striking underwater action of a small octopus or squid. Layer on top of other soft plastics, metal jigs, or simply used rigged on a jig head, this Octoskirt is highly versatile.

The strong and stretchy RST legs wriggle with the slightest touch, yet remain durable. This is a high performance, realistic soft plastic available in a huge range of colours, 6 baits per pack.


After years of hard body lure design and manufacturing, halco has forged a new path into the soft plastic industry.

New soft plastic Rubber Stretch Technology ensures the Halco Madeyes range reflects our ethos of a high quality, strike-effective product. We are determined to push the boundaries of traditional soft plastic colours and shapes.


Madeye’s RST (Rubber Stretch Technology) is a unique rubber copolymer that posses 2 advantes over standard soft plastics.

RST is up to 5x more durable than standard plastic, and is also boyant, enabling the lure to float and wriggle when sitting on the bottom.



The Halco Madeyes 5″ Paddle Prawn soft plastic is constructed with Rubber Stretch Technology. The super-stretchy compound enables the Paddle Prawn to withstand repeated strikes, making this 5 inch soft plastic lure ideal for species such as snapper, kingfish, kob, GT’s… You name it!

The thin, lightweight yet durable tail floats up towards the surface when paused and sends irresistible vibrations through the water when jigged. The legs and feelers add to the natural appeal, and this Paddle Prawn soft plastic looks incredibly lifelike in the water.

The Madeyes 5″ Paddle Prawn makes an irresistible addition to every tackle box, and could be the difference between a slow day and an action packed time on the water.

Colours Available


New members to the Twisty family!


The very popular Halco Twisty has got two new colours!

Now avaliable with Red and Chartreuse green holographic sparkle.