The Halco Roosta 195 Haymaker is designed for catching some of the toughest fish that swim, from Giant Trevally to Dogtooth Tuna. It is built with extra heavy duty, custom made 7xx fish rings and is equipped with Mustad 5 extra strong 5/0 trebles.

While designed with a blooping style retrieve in mind, the Roosta Haymaker can be simply wound in at speed or trolled for excellent results.


  • Dorado/Wahoo
  • Bonito/skipjack
  • Tuna
  • GT
Colours Available In Southern Africa

T113 Pink Tiger


H50 Pilchard


H52 Fluoro Green


H53 White Redhead


H65 Blood Nut


H68 Flamin’ Hot


H78 Red Neck


H79 Stripey




1039 Purple Pilchard


1148 Pink Pilchard


1181 Chartreuse Pilchard


1202 Pearl Pilchard


R49 Chrome Tiger