The all new Skim Stick is a totally unique and innovative concept for blue water anglers. A hybrid between stick bail and skittering popper, the Skim Stick immitates a long, narrow profiled baitfish feeding on the surface from any hungry predators in the area.

It is intened for casting and slow trolling situations and features Halco’s new polymer technology with internal holographics and scales in some colours while other more traditional finishes are also available in the range.

For the first time, Decoy 5/0 single hooks come as standard fare to make handling active fish less of a risky proposition while giving superior hook setting and holding ability.

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R35 Caviar


R38 Blue Angel


R42 Poddy


R48 Gin Clear


T113 Pink Tiger


R15 Chrome Pink


H53 White Redhead


H79 Stripey